What does Infant Mental Health mean to you?

The Theme of Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 is ‘Including Infants in Children’s & Young People’s Mental Health.’  

Throughout the week, AIMH UK will be asking and sharing answers to the question “What is Infant Mental Health?” Please have a think and post your answers below.

Thoughts from practitioners across all the fields in Infant Mental Health will be appreciated.  No thought is too small 👶 We would like to gather together the essence of everyone’s contributions to create an AIMH UK definition of Infant Mental Health to post on our website.

1 thought on “What does Infant Mental Health mean to you?”

  1. It is developed and embedded in the developing brain over the first 1001 days from an optimal or good enough environment. The fundamental component of this environment is the relationship with a consistent caregiver or caregivers which enables the infant to feel safe, understood, valued, nurtured, loved, protected from unmanageable stress, enabled and encouraged to develop, provided with a reliable source of comfort at times of distress, and a reciprocal source of enjoyment.

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