Launch of this Hub

A hub within AiMH UK

Bristol and Gloucestershire have long been hubs of infant mental health activity, thanks to the initiatives of the late Dr Paul Barrows (Child Psychotherapist, previously Chair of AiMH UK) and Robin Balbernie (Child Psychotherapist, and Board member of AiMH UK).

Paul Barrows set up an IMH service within CAMHS in 2004, instituted in Bristol the Diploma/MA in Infant Mental Health (Tavistock clinic and UEL), and for 27 years held the annual Infancy Conference, which has always been well-attended and a stimulating forum for discussion.

Robin Balbernie set up an infant mental health service, initially based in the Sure Start Children’s Centre initiative in Gloucestershire, and has delivered IMH training widely for many years. He has also taken an active part in lobbying for IMH.

Both Paul and Robin have published numerous papers, and are an inspiration for IMH practitioners in this area and nationally.

Now AiMH is online! We don’t have to wait for an annual conference to talk to each other, and network. Let’s make this hub a vibrant place for discussion and sharing of ideas. Please post your thoughts, questions and any IMH news on our forum. Any ideas for future Hub CPD events? What would you like to see the Hub doing? This is our local community of practitioners – we can learn from each other.

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