Reports from Churchill Fellows.

A hub within AiMH UK

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in partnership with The Dulverton Trust set up a Travel Fellowship focussed on the early years. This provided an opportunity for many to travel throughout the world to look at best and innovative practice in the field of early intervention and parenting. The final reports are available for download from the WCMT website. All are worth reading for what they have brought back from initiatives in other countries.

I have put together an overview of the reports divided up into four rather broad categories: (1)Therapeutic interventions for infants and parents; (2) Speech and language therapy initiatives; (3) Early years nursery, education and parenting support; and (4) Services working with maltreatment, including substance abuse and domestic violence. A link to each paper is provided.

This summary with links can be downloaded here to save you searching on the WCMT website. This is also a mine of information on many other fascinating topics. I recommend getting on their mailing list. There might be an opportunity of a lifetime that fits the bill for you one day.