Interview with Juliet Hopkins

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 Jane O’Rourke from MindinMind talks to Juliet Hopkins about the significant impact she has had on child psychotherapy.

In this interview, Juliet shares her regret about feeling embarrassed about her uncle being John Bowlby when she was a trainee, and the painful rejection of him by colleagues at the Tavistock Clinic who considered his ideas ‘ridiculous’. 

Juliet says despite John Bowlby’s theories being widely embraced by child clinicians throughout the world, he is still not properly honoured at the Tavistock or by psychoanalytic organisations.

Juliet’s difficulties with her own parents and children inspired her to develop important ideas about parenting in psychotherapy, and led to the illuminating theory of ‘Too Good Mothering,’ which she shares with MindInMind.

She describes how her analyst Enid Balint lifted her from depression. 

Juliet’s recall of a time in history is fascinating. It was when some children like her grew up with parents who were steeped in psychoanalysis (her mother’s analyst was Joan Riviere) and hearing about penis envy was a completely normal part of everyday life!