Cardiff Flying Start Parenting Team help new parents through pandemic with Lullaby Project

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The Cardiff Flying Start Parenting Team recently co-facilitated the Lullaby Project in partnership with @FUSION and LiveMusicNow.

Seven families participated in the 6 week project. They paired up with talented musicians who encouraged them to reflect upon their journey to parenthood.

Included in the group were five first time parents who had experienced pregnancy and birth during the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supported by three professional musicians, the families wrote the words to their own lullaby, concentrating carefully on how the sounds could compliment their feelings.

Parents reported that they found it emotional to reflect upon their baby’s journey into the world and said they experienced a deep closeness and attachment to their little ones as they expressed their love and feelings through carefully chosen words and music.

For many, this was the first time they had attended any parent and child sessions in their community and were a little anxious. The nature of the activity, and the support and warm welcome provided by the team, increased their confidence to sign up to other Flying Start groups.

Parents also became a source of peer support for each other as their little ones continue to grow.

Flying Start provide early parenting intervention through community groups in Flying Start areas of Cardiff with parents who have children under 4 years of age. Groups are warm, welcoming, safe and, most importantly, fun!

To find out more about Flying Start please contact:
029 2035 1380 cardiff.flyingstart@cardiff.gov.uk

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