of AiMH UK

Sharing expertise on how we work with infants and their families increases the effectiveness of our work in infant mental health.

It is all too easy to get stuck in a professional bubble, and sometimes you might feel you are working alone as an IMH practitioner. It is refreshing to reach out, link up, and hear from colleagues working in similar, and different, settings in an IMH role.

Join AiMH UK and your local hub to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence, and access a wealth of specialist information on the AiMH UK website.

AiMH UK membership offers you:

  • If you have already read the benefits, click to jump to the registration form.AiMH UK website – a community of practitioners and resources
  • Membership of your local Infant Mental Health Hub
  • Professional Development: Infant Mental Health CPD System (IMHCPDS) & UK Infant Mental Health Recognition Register (IMHRR).
  • IMH Research: downloadable articles and reports, including AiMH UK Best Practice Guides, and direct email of clinical papers collated thematically by Robin Balbernie (AiMH UK Advisor)
  • Discount: to AiMH UK conferences, workshops, events
  • Access: to AiMH UK National Conference video recordings of presentations.

Join AiMH UK to:

  • Encourage universal awareness of the impact of the early nurturing environment on the social and emotional development of babies.
  • Help us to promote evidence-based practice by disseminating learning through strategic discussions, workshops, conferences and the AiMH UK website.
  • Support practitioners working across the perinatal period to increase their infant mental health skills.
  • Advocate for babies by engaging with government and other national/international organisations and forums.

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Individual membership of AiMH UK

Join AiMH UK with a full professional membership: £56.00pa.

For group, centre/organisation or student discounts on membership, please use the other tabs.
AiMH Professional membership can be claimed against tax in your annual tax return.

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Group membership of AiMH UK

Join AiMH UK with a 20% discount for groups of 5+ joining together.

AiMH UK is about supporting professional networks. So if you join with your team, or if we can inspire you to build and consolidate networks in the process of joining, so much the better.

If you create a group of 5 or more new members joining (or existing group or centre members renewing) we offer 20% discount on professional membership. It’s simple:  More

  1. Register. Complete this registration form for yourself, and propose your own discount code. You join directly with a 20% discount. But your membership will be inactive until at least 4 others have joined with that same discount code.
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Note: Members of a 5+ group can renew with the same 20% discount next year, and can include further new members at that time, as long as someone coordinates it.

This discount is only available to new members and existing group or centre members joining as a group. If less than 5 people join with a code, you are each welcome to upgrade to a £56 individual membership, or cancel. For the annual renewal, you will each receive the standard individual reminders, so to renew as a group you need to coordinate again with a common code. The offer is made at the President’s discretion, in good faith, and may be cancelled or withdrawn without notice at any time.

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Centre staff memberships of AiMH UK

Join AiMH UK as a staff team or organisation.

AiMH welcomes children’s centres and other organisations, large and small, to arrange membership for your staff, or your members.

Centre membership can be pre-paid by the centre, so that staff register free.  Or alternatively, it can be a part-prepaid by the centre, so that staff register individually with a discount.

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    Student membership

    Join AiMH UK as a student, for £25pa during your studies.

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