Professional development
Training and accreditation for everyone whose work touches on infant mental health

from AiMH UK

As professionals, we are required to continually develop our knowledge, skills and practices, and ensure that we remain up‑to‑date regarding the evidence that underpins our professional work.

The following areas of the Professional Development Section have been designed to assist you in this process.

CPD in Infant Mental Health

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) refers to the way you continue to learn and develop throughout your career. It is essential because it allows you to stay up to date and practice safely and effectively.

The 5 Principles of CPD are:

  1. It is each practitioner’s responsibility
  2. It should benefit service users
  3. It should improve the quality-of-service delivery
  4. It should be balanced and relevant to each practitioner’s area of practice
  5. It should be recorded and show the effect on professional practice.

UK IMH Competency Framework

The UK Infant Mental Health Competency Framework (IMHCF): from pregnancy to age 2 years aims to inspire perinatal and infant mental health (IMH) practitioners by identifying the knowledge and skills needed to be effective in IMH practice.The competencies are fundamental to practice and are in three progressive levels.

At Level 1 you need to understand the knowledge base and Level 2 requires you to apply the knowledge into your work (putting it into practice). Level 3 is applicable to practitioners who manage and supervise.

About the UK IMH Recognition Register

The UK IMH Recognition Register (IMHRR) is for all practitioners working with babies/children and their families.

Being accepted on to the IMHRR will provide you with a Quality Mark for your IMH expertise. Your knowledge and skills being validated against the UK Infant Mental Health Competencies.