About the UK IMH Recognition Register

from AiMH UK

The UK IMH Recognition Register (IMHRR) is for all practitioners working with babies/children and their families.

Being accepted on to the IMHRR will provide you with a Quality Mark for your IMH expertise. Your knowledge and skills being validated against the UK Infant Mental Health Competencies.

IMHRR Launch

The UK Specialist Infant Mental Health Recognition Register (IMHRR) will be launched nationally in 2022. The register recognises specialist skills achieved by perinatal and IMH practitioners. Some IMHRR pilot practitioners will be awarded registration before the end of 2021.

AIMH UK is also working on projects with practitioners from Central North West London Foundation Trust and the Campden Baby Feeding Team generating their IMH Portfolios using the CPD System.

Recipients of the new AIM Foundation IMHRR Bursary Award for 2021/2 have now been nominated and are starting on their journey to registration. More information on the AIM Bursary for 2022/23 will be available shortly.

How do I get started?

If you are a member of AiMH UK, you can request access to the CPD System here.

The IMH CPD System is designed to record and evidence your IMH practice. It allows you to identify how your current practice maps to the seven domains of the competencies. It supports you to reflect and self-assess your current level in IMH. These processes will support you to generate your IMH Portfolio.

Your IMH Portfolio will evidence your IMH learning journey. This will include reference to your theoretical learning experiences and describing how you put the theory into practice through your personal descriptions, vignettes, reflections and case-studies.

There are resources to support you with this process on the IMHRR homepage.

Visit the IMHRR Home Page for more details at www.imhrr.co.uk

What is the IMHRR submission process?

The submission process only occurs when you have completed your IMH Portfolio and you are ready for review by the IMHRR Review Panel.

The process is illustrated in the flow diagram below

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