About the UK IMH Recognition Register

from AiMH UK

The UK IMH Recognition Register (IMHRR) is for all practitioners working with babies/children and their families.

IMHRR Launch

The UK Specialist Infant Mental Health Recognition Register (IMHRR) will be launched in 2021 to recognise specialist skills achieved by perinatal and IMH practitioners.

AIMH UK is working alongside practitioners to create and establish the specialist register. An Infant Mental Health CPD System has been developed to support you to map your practice against the IMHCF. This will help you to work towards:

  • submitting your IMH Portfolio for registration
  • individual/team CPD
  • your annual appraisal
  • your professional revalidation.

Who is it for?

The IMHRR is for all practitioners working with babies/children and their families. Competencies describe the behaviours that lie behind competent performance, and describe what you, the practitioner, bring to your professional role.

What is the professional value to you?

Professional values are the guiding beliefs and principles that influence our professional behaviours. Professional bodies such as the GMC, RCM, and HCPC, are responsible for regulating your professional discipline.

Being accepted on to the IMHRR will provide you with a Quality Mark for your IMH expertise. Your knowledge, skills and behaviours will be validated against the standards.

What is the process?

Achieving Registered Status on the IMHRR should be viewed as your reflective journey of self-assessment. The evidence you generate will create your IMH Portfolio.

When you believe your portfolio includes indicators of achievement, and demonstrates your competence level, you should submit for Registration Appraisal.

This is illustrated in the flow diagram below:

How do I get started?

If you have an active membership of AiMH UK, you can request access the Infant Mental Health (IMH) Continuing Professional Development system, and the IMH Recognition Register here.

More details at www.imhrr.co.uk