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What is Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks is a cloud-based software which allows us to build an online AiMH UK community of infant mental health practitioners. 

There is also an App-based platform, which means that you can access the AiMH UK Members Area not only from a desktop, but on a mobile phone or tablet too!

As a member of AiMH UK you will gain access to all the professional resources on the Mighty Networks members area.

Be part of the AiMH UK community through Mighty Networks and the AIMH UK Members Area.

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There are many free resources available on the Members Area.

These include:

  • AiMH UK Best Practice Guides
  • The IJBPE Journals
  • Library of IMH articles
  • ‘Get To Know Your Baby’ videos
  • Clinical Updates by Robin Balbernie

There are also other reports, resources and the AiMH UK newsletters available for download.

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Hubs and Groups

When you join AiMH UK, you will have access to a regional learning and networking hubs through our members Area on Mighty Networks. 

The hubs enable members to connect across professions and within local areas to develop practice by sharing ideas, and experiences and thinking about issues in infant mental health work.

You can then take part in discussions, meet and chat with practitioners in your area and attend local networking events.

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AiMH UK hosts CPD events throughout the year. We invite speakers who are experts in the fields of infancy & early years, to bring you up to date with the latest skills for working with parents and babies, and share the latest research and thinking about parents, their babies and toddlers.

These events include AiMH UK conferences and events, regional hub networking events, lunchtime and teatime skills box sessions and more.

The AiMH UK Members Area is the go to place to find notifications of future conferences and events.

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