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The following areas of the Professional Development section have been designed to assist you:
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The AiMH UK IMH Continuing Professional Development Programme (IMH CPD)

The programme is designed to help you to map your skills, knowledge and experience against the IMHCF, and to build your IMH Portfolio.

AiMH UK membership allows you to register for the IMH CPD Programme for free. Non-members will be charged an annual fee, or join AiMH UK and gain access to all other resources and support.


The AiMH UK IMHRecognition Register(IMHRR)

Once you have completed the IMH CPD Programme, you can choose to submit your IMH Portfolio for peer review.* On successful peer review, AiMH UK will provide a Certificate of IMH expertise and you will gain entry on the AiMH UK IMHRR for 3 years, giving recognition of your infant mental health skills, knowledge and practice against the AiMH UK IMHCF.

*Fees may apply

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The AiMH UK IMHCompetency Framework (IMHCF)

The IMHCF outlines the competencies that are fundamental to all students and practitioners working with infants and their carers and identifies the competencies practitioners need to be effective in perinatal/infant mental health.

The framework is a free resource for all students and practitioners who work with babies/infants and their families. It aims to help us hold an infant’s mental health frame of mind, thereby supporting us to consider both the perspective of the baby (including non-verbal infancy) and that of the parent.


AiMH UK Infant Mental Health Training Directory

AiMH UK promotes the teaching and learning of infant mental health by working in partnership with training and course providers to offer a directory of current UK IMH training.

Training and education is fundamental to continuing professional development and it is essential that all trainee and trained practitioners keep up-to-date with legislation, develop their skills and knowledge and reflect on their effectiveness in order to continue to improve.

The AiMH UK IMHDirectory highlights infant mental health training opportunities and learning experiences offered by Independent and Private Training Providers, whether they be organisations, companies, or individuals.

It has been designed to simplify the process for practitioners to find the most suitable infant mental health training that aligns with theie Professional Development Plan (PDP) learning requirements.

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