Develop IMH Recognition Register

The IMHRR has been created to acknowledge and give recognition to practitioners who have a proven expertise in infant mental health.

Practitioners listed have documented their infant mental health knowledge, skills and practice against the AiMH UK IMH Competency Framework, and have achieved a successful review of their IMH Portfolio.

Congratulations to all those below who have been recognised for their expertise, understanding and contribution in raising standards of infant mental health practice.


“I feel that this CPD exercise provided me with an opportunity to identify my skills, knowledge, and understanding which specifically relate to infant mental health. I had gained deep insight into my practice through studying the IMHOL course, and this IMHRR exercise has supported me to create a personal development plan, and to feel invigorated, and excited about accessing further learning, and developing the service. This exercise has also provided me with the tools and links to extend my current level of practice, and to recognise the potential impact of our service-delivery in a broader context of mental health. I would like to sincerely thank the professionals involved in creating this opportunity for early years’ practitioners to acknowledge and to develop their skills, and to be recognised as significant partners in the field of infant mental health.”

“I recognize the many hours of planning, discussion, and creative activity in producing this registration process, and on behalf of early years’ teams I would like to say, “thank you so much.”

Hazel Whitters

Senior Early Years Worker/Child Protection Officer and a researcher-practitioner in the early years’ service in Glasgow, Scotland. My interests are the parent-professional relationship, pedagogy based upon a therapeutic approach to care and education, and infant mental health.

Jackie Davidson

Parent & Infant service Manager working alongside expectant/new parents discovering together their strengths and hopes, formulating a picture of the relationship and providing community based interventions and peer activities.