The AiMH UK Infant Mental Health Competency Framework

The AiMH UK IMH Competency Framework, an online reflective teaching and learning platform.

The IMHCF identifies the core competencies for multi-disciplinary infant mental health practice. The competencies reflect the skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable practitioners to deliver high quality care and the continuous improvement of services.

The AiMH UK IMHCF consists of 7 domains:

Domain 1:Relationship-based Practice

This domain highlights the key aspects of relationship-based practice that are necessary to promote infant mental health.

Domain 2:Relationship-based Practice

Domain 2 highlights the key areas of knowledge and skills that are associated relationship-based aspects of practice.

Domain 3: Factors that Influence caregiving capacity

Domain 3 focuses on the range of factors that have been identified to having an impact on the parents capacity to parent their baby.

Domain 4:Assessment of caregiving

Domain 4 focuses on the knowledge and skills needed for effective assessment of the caregiving of infants, both pre and postnatal. Assessment of caregiving is a highly skilled task

Domain 5:Supporting Care-giving

Domain 5 addresses the knowledge and skills that are required to work effectively to both support caregiving and to work with parent/s-infant dyads who may be experiencing difficulties.

Domain 6: ReflectivePractice and supervision

Domain 6 highlights the key aspects of reflective practice and is underpinned by a recognition that work in this field can be emotionally challenging and arouse conflicting feelings about one’s own past or present experiences.

Domain 7: Working with relevantlegal and professional frameworks

This domain highlights some of the relevant legal and professional requirements that are specific to effective infant mental health practice.

The AIMH UK IMHCF involves 3 levels of expertise:

IMHCF Level 1 is for practitioners who work, for example, with infants in childcare settings or who work with the parent-infant dyad under supervision.

IMHCF Level 2 is for regulated practitioners who work autonomously with the parent-infant dyad, supported by supervision, for example, parent-infant psychotherapists, Health Visitors, psychologists, Social Workers.

IMHCF Level 3 is for regulated practitioners who deliver specialist services to parents and infants with, for example, responsibility for managing a specialist team, providing training and supervision of other practitioners; and informing and implementing service development, protocols and policies at organisational and regional levels.

The IMH CPD system provides practitioners with their own online space in which to reflect on their current level of IMH practice and map their proficiency directly against the UK Infant Mental Health Competency Framework.

The IMH CPD system can be used for a number of purposes:

  • To gather the evidence to compile their Infant Mental Health Portfolio for registration to the UK Infant Mental Health Recognition Register;
  • To self-assess their current level of infant mental health proficiency and identify areas for continuing professional development;
  • To provide evidence for revalidation with their individual professional body;
  • To provide practitioners who are not required to be on a statutory professional register, recognition of their infant mental health skills and knowledge.

The AiMH UK Generating your IMH Portfolio Video