Professional Training

AiMH UK promotes the teaching and learning of infant mental health by working in partnership with training and course providers to offer a directory of current UK IMH training.
Training and education is fundamental to continuing professional development and it is essential that all trainee and trained practitioners keep up-to-date with legislation, develop their skills and knowledge and reflect on their effectiveness in order to continue to improve.

The AiMH UK IMHDirectory highlights infant mental health training opportunities and learning experiences offered by Independent and Private Training Providers, whether they be organisations, companies, or individuals.

It has been designed to simplify the process for practitioners to find the most suitable infant mental health training that aligns with theie Professional Development Plan (PDP) learning requirements.


A Good Start Instructor Training Course

Midlothian Sure Start

This course enables practitioner trainers to transfer knowledge and help develop the core skills of case-holding (parenting) practitioners
to deliver the award-winning programme to new parents and their babies.

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Newborn Behavioural Observations System Training and Certification

Brazelton Centre UK

The NBO is an interactive observational tool that can be used with newborn babies and their families from birth up to 3 months old. The NBO works through a set of 18 behavioural observations that describe the newborn’s preferences, vulnerabilities, and areas he or she may need support. The behavioural profile revealed through the NBO gives the baby the opportunity to show who he or she is as a unique individual. This gives practitioners the ability to provide individualised caregiving guidance that can help parents meet their baby’s needs. In turn, this helps the parents develop confidence in supporting their baby and enjoy the experience of being a parent of a newborn.

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Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale Training and Certification

Brazelton Centre UK

The Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale (NBAS) is the most comprehensive neurobehavioral assessment available for newborn babies, which gives a strength-based, in-depth profile of an individual baby.
We offer training and certification in this tool which can be used in both clinical and research settings.

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AIMH Early Yes Logo

Babies In Our Minds (BIOM)

Rachel Pardoe, Early Years Emotional Security (EarlyYES) Ltd.

BIOM promotes an understanding of the complexity of the parent-infant relationship, contributing to more effective assessment, safeguarding and intervention with parents and infants.

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