Gwent Parent Infant Mental Health Service (G-PIMHS)

A hub within AiMH UK
For members of the AiMH UK Wales Hub

Who are we?

A specialised, multidisciplinary, parent-infant relationship team, with expertise in supporting and strengthening the important relationships between babies and their parents.

Understanding the inter-relationship between parental and infant mental health and between physical and emotional states is key to identifying and treating mental health problems in this age group.

Infants rely on their caregivers to make sense of their emotional and bodily states and what is going on around them. In infants and young children symptoms such as excessive crying, chronic soiling, prolonged difficulties with sleeping and feeding or failure to thrive may well be symptoms of emotional disturbance, as physical and emotional states are inextricably linked in the early years.

What do we offer?

  • training, consultation, and/or supervision to build capacity in the local workforce
  • information and support
  • consultation, support and supervision to local practitioners.

Direct support for families who need specialised help.

This includes:

  • targeted work with families experiencing early difficulties whose needs cannot be met by universal services alone.
  • specialist therapeutic work with families experiencing severe, complex and/or enduring difficulties in their early relationships, where babies’ emotional wellbeing and development is particularly at risk.

Who do we see?

Infants aged 0-2 years and their parents.

Who can refer?

Health Visitor, G.P, Social Worker, Adult/Child Mental Health Practitioners, Family Support Workers.

How can we help?

Following an initial consultation with the referrer we may offer the following:

Support to the referrer – to continue the work and working relationship A place in a group, e.g. “Watch, Wait and Wonder”, Specialist Nurture Group, Circle of Security.

A family intervention, e.g. Video Interactive Guidance, support to parents, Parent/ Infant Psychotherapy.

What we can’t do?

See every family you may wish to refer —we are a very small team.

How do we refer?

Please send your referral to: G-PIMHS.ABB@wales.nhs.uk