Our work

We deliver home-based interventions that meet the strengths, needs and circumstances of each individual family. Building safe and trusting relationships is the golden thread running through our work with parents and infants.

Our work focuses on:
• Strengthening parent-child relationships.
• Supporting child development and well-being.
• Promoting positive parenting approaches to understanding and responding to behaviour.

Our Team
Our team consists of Educational Psychologists and Parenting Practitioners. We all have a thorough understanding of early child development and psychology and have training in relational approaches and interventions (such as Video Interaction Guidance and Watch, Wait and Wonder) that have been found to make a positive difference to parents and children.

What Parents say about us
“You have helped us understand our child more. It’s knowing the little changes we needed to make to support our child that has made such a difference.”
“You have taken time to get to know us. You have given me a confidence and motivation I didn’t know I had.”
“I feel much better and not so overwhelmed. It was lovely to hear your voice and be listened to.”

How to work with us
Please speak to a Health Visitor or contact us directly via the Cardiff Family Gateway on:
Telephone: 03000 133 133
Email: ContactFAS@Cardiff.gov.uk

To find our more please visit: Cardiff Parenting 0-18 – Cardiff Family Advice and Support : Cardiff Family Advice and Support (cardifffamilies.co.uk)

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