CPD in Infant Mental Health

from AiMH UK

As practitioners, we need to carry out self-assessment to evaluate the quality of our work and measure our performance against stated goals.

The process of CPD in IMH is often self-directed. The Infant Mental Health Competency Framework (2019) provides you with a mechanism, with which to map your skill set and monitor your CPD. Mapping your level of proficiency against the framework allows you to identify strengths in your practice and areas for further CPD.

Reflective Practice

The process of reflective practice (RP) allows us as practitioners to align our values, learning goals and objectives, and to work towards achieving them. RP should improve the quality of care that we provide and close the gap between theory and practice.

RP can help to identify areas for learning development, and identify professional developmental objectives. Schon (1983) defines RP as “the capacity to reflect on action so to engage in a process of continuous learning”.

 Models of reflection can be helpful to guide our reflections.

Self assessment

Self-assessment is essential for professional development. It allows us to review our performance and identify specific learning goals. The act of analyzing and evaluating ourselves and our actions, helps us to monitor and manage our own learning.

Developing skills as a self-regulated learner helps us identify our learning goals and plan how to meet them. Self-assessing and mapping your practice level against the IMHCF will help you identify your learning goals and objectives.

AIMH UK has developed a CPD System mapped to the Infant Mental Health Competency Framework. This is your personal space to allow you to self-assess, reflect and create your Personal Development Plan (PDP). Your PDP will identify your specific learning goals and objectives, and how you will close the gap to achieve them.