CPD in Infant Mental Health

from AiMH UK

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) refers to the way you continue to learn and develop throughout your career. It is essential because it allows you to stay up to date and practice safely and effectively.

The 5 Principles of CPD are:

  1. It is each practitioner’s responsibility
  2. It should benefit service users
  3. It should improve the quality-of-service delivery
  4. It should be balanced and relevant to each practitioner’s area of practice
  5. It should be recorded and show the effect on professional practice.

How do I undertake CPD?

There are four steps to the CPD process:

  1. Reflecting on your practice and identifying your learning needs.
  2. Developing your Personal Development Plan (PDP)
  3. Engaging in education relevant to your scope of practice
  4. Documenting and evaluating your learning outcomes.

The AiMH UK CPD System

AiMH UK have developed an online CPD System to support you to reflect on your current knowledge and skills against the UK Infant Mental Health Competency Framework (IMHCF).

By reflecting and self-assessing your practice level against the competencies you will be using the three R’s to reflect, rejuvenate and gain recognition for your IMH practice.

The CPD System is designed to be your IMH Repository and will allow you to generate your IMH Portfolio to access the new specialist Infant Mental Health Recognition Register (IMHRR). Your portfolio will support your professional statutory revalidation, annual appraisal and service development.

The CPD System is housed on our sister IMHRR Moodle site and is free for all AiMH UK members.

Visit the IMHRR Home Page for more details at www.imhrr.co.uk

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