UK IMH Competency Framework

from AiMH UK

The UK Infant Mental Health Competency Framework (IMHCF): from pregnancy to age 2 years 

What is it about?

The IMHCF identifies the competencies practitioners need to be effective in perinatal/infant mental health. By self-assessing your knowledge, skills and behaviours, and reflecting on your professional practice, you will be able to identify your learning goals and objectives. These will inform your Personal Developmental Plan (PDP). 

Who is it for?

The framework is for all practitioners who work with babies/children and their families. It aims to help us to hold an infant mental health frame of mind, thereby supporting us to consider both the perspective of the baby (including the non-verbal infant), and that of the parent.

This helps perinatal and IMH practitioners to recognise the parent-infant (P-I) relationship as a dynamic system, and to be able to promote the P-I relationship. 

What is the professional value to you?

Self-assessing, reflecting and mapping your practice level against the competencies will:

a) generate confidence in your established knowledge and skill set

b) identify your learning goals and objectives.

This formative feedback (for feeding forwards) will develop your PDP. You should be able to answer Hattie & Timberley’s (2003) formative feedback questions:

  1. Where am I going?
  2. How am I going?
  3. Where to next?

Formative feedback is powerful because it closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be (Sadler, 1989).

IMHCF Downloads

The following documents are available for you to download:

The first pdf describes the entire IMHCF.

The remaining documents include:

  • the introduction to the framework
  • the competencies for each of the three levels of the framework: Level 1; Level 2; and Level 3