Professor Jane Barlow, President of AiMH UK will present a Factsheet examining the current state of the evidence with regard to infant sleep including the changes that take place in infant sleep patterns during the first year of life and the biological underpinning of such changes. It presents recent findings about the role of cognitions and emotions in terms of the parental response to different infant sleep patterns, and summarises the evidence about what works to help parents to support their infant’s sleep.

This will be followed by the AGM and the AiMH UK Awards for 2023.

AiMH UK offers four individual awards and one team award.

Three individual awards will be given in recognition of individuals from the UK who have made important contributions to the infant mental health community in the course of their careers

The fourth individual award was added this year to honour the work of Gwen Kirkwood.

The team award will be given to a team in the UK who are working together to make a significant contribution to meet the emotional needs of infants in their community.  

We invite nominations from the fields of health, mental health, early care and education and early intervention.

Closing date Friday 19th January 2024

Please follow the link to find out more about nominating practitioners who have excelled in their work in IMH