AiMH UK is delighted that David Mullings of Father Figure Ltd will be presenting our October Skills Box session. We will be running this event on World Mental Health Day 2024.

David will will discuss why engaging fathers is no longer a choice and present on the following topics

  • Different Types of Fathers
  • Traditional & Modern Roles of Fathers
  • The Evolution of Fathers
  • The Research – How Father’s Impact Children
  • Things to Consider when Engaging Fathers
  • 10 Top Tips for Engaging Fathers


David founded Father Figure Children & Family Services in 2011 after working at a leading charity for fathers and experiencing the impact of austerity measures. Drawing from his own fatherhood journey and nearly two decades of professional experience, he has developed tailored interventions to support families, focusing on fathers. David serves as a McKenzie Friend court advocate, helping fathers secure contact with their children and conducts one-on-one sessions as requested by London local authorities.

David introduced a successful model in Brent’s Children’s Centres, increasing father involvement in the Early Years Sector. Over two to three years, the Fathers In Brent Programme engaged over 5,000 fathers, impacting 33% of children under five in Brent.

As Camden’s Father Inclusion Manager, David challenges traditional father engagement methods and drives systemic changes. He launched “Camden Dads,” attracting over 400 families to the annual Father’s Day celebration in 2023. He also established the National Father Inclusive Practice Forum, promoting best practices in father-inclusive approaches across the UK.

David debuted in documentary filmmaking in 2021 with “5 Black Fathers,” which explores the lives of five Afro-Caribbean fathers. The film challenges stereotypes and is used in Father Inclusive practice training.