Getting to know your baby: videos

Getting to Know Your Baby videos have been designed to help parents, caregivers and health professionals to know how to support the development of a baby’s emotional wellbeing.

The videos help parents to observe their babies. Getting to Know Your Baby includes short videos of the six states of an infant’s consciousness:  deep sleep, light sleep, drowsy sleep, quite alert, unsettled and crying – to help parents identify their own baby’s state, and think about what their feelings may be.

There is also information for AiMH members, to help parents identify how their baby likes to be soothed, and to recognise their subtle cues, likes and sensitivities. The videos get right to the heart of what parents can do to help their baby’s emotional brain develop, and to set the thermostat for managing stress. It shows parents watching their baby’s behaviour, wondering about their underlying feeling states, and responding with gentle voice, touch and gaze.