Bristol, Somerset & Gloucestershire IMH Hub Networking Event

‘What we do: Sharing practice and learning from each other’ Monday 4th October 10.00am – 12.30pm

10.00 Welcome + Introductions 

Rachel Pardoe & Rachel Allender 

10.20 Rockabye, Bristol 

Clare Beckell (Trainer & Supervisor) + Shan Nur (Group Leader)

‘Working cross-culturally in groups with mothers and babies’ 

10.50 Discussion – breakout rooms 

11.10 Whole Group discussion 

11.25 Tea break 

11.40 Home Start 

Alex Corgier (HS Coordinator, Stroud & Gloucester) with Home Start Volunteer

‘Widening awareness of infant mental health in family support work’ 

Rachel Pardoe – discussant 

12.00 Discussion – breakout rooms 

12.20 Whole Group discussion 

12.30 Close 

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