About this event

This event is being held on the first day of Infant Mental Health Awareness Week (IMHAW) 2021. This year the theme is: including infants in children and young people’s mental health. #IMHAW21 #including infants

‘Supporting parents when they are really struggling: with Amanda Jones’

AIMH UK Scotland Hub is delighted to welcome Amanda Jones, Clinical Lead, North East London NHS Foundation Trust, Perinatal Parent Infant Mental Health Service.

Amanda will talk about a way of understanding good enough ‘parental care’, understanding what processes can make it hard for a parent to give this to their baby and how to have conversations that can help.

This presentation will be followed by a discussion and small group reflections about how the ideas relate to our practice.

Tickets: AiMH UK members free, Non-members £15

You are invited to stay on after Amanda’s talk for our hub network event!

Connecting Scotland: Updates & Future Work Across Health Boards

There will be a series of brief presentations from leads of national and local initiatives for infant well-being and information on the latest interventions and innovations that are happening in Scotland.

Speakers from local initiatives:

Sally Amor, Child Health Commissioner & Public Health Specialist, NHS Highland

Marita Brack, Head of Programme, NES Scotland

Helen Guzinska, Clinical Psychologist, Perinatal & Infant Mental Health Associate, Homestart, Scotland

Anne McFadyen, Infant Mental Health Lead, Perinatal & Infant Managed Clinical Network, Scotland

Rachel Fraser, Scotland Co-ordinator, The Parent Infant Foundation, London

Julia Donaldson, Clinical Lead, Glasgow Infant Family Team (GIFT)

Megan Lanigan, Change & Improvement Manager for Infant Mental Health, NHS Lothian


Programme for the AIMH UK Scottish Hub Event Monday 7th June 9am – 1pm

09.00: Welcome

09.15: Amanda Jones’; Supporting parents when they are really struggling

10.15: Breakout rooms

10.55: Break

11.05: Update on AiMH UK Infant mental Health Competency Framework

11.15: Connecting Scotland: Updates & Future Work Across Health Boards

12.15: Breakout Rooms

12:00: Breakout rooms – feedback and discussion and identify how the AIMH UK Scottish Hub can help people take forward IMH practice in their area

12.45: Plenary

13:00: Close

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