Getting to Know Your Baby videos have been designed to help parents, caregivers, and health professionals to know how to support the development of a baby’s emotional wellbeing. See categories for more videos:

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Introduction & Why Bonding matters

The process of ‘bonding’ refers to the intense emotional connection that takes place between a mother and a baby.

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Bonding Before Birth

Babies’ emotional health and wellbeing begin before they are born, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy.

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Baby States

Baby states are essentially key patterns of behaviour that are easy to recognise in new babies, and can help parents to both tune-in to their baby, and to understand his or her experiences. Once parents are able to recognise these patterns, it becomes much easier to identify what their baby’s needs are. Introduce expectant parents to Baby States and encourage them to notice sleep/wake states with friends’ babies. Helping parents to understand baby sleep/wake states is a good way of encouraging them to get to know their baby. AiMH UK has produced an information sheet for members; Where baby states research comes from and why it’s useful.

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Early Interactions

These videos show that encouraging parents to carefully observe their baby’s sleep/wake states and notice their cues will help them get to know how best to respond to their baby.

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Sleeping & Soothing

Observing baby sleep / wake states will help parents get to know their own baby’s individual likes and dislikes. This will help them tune in to the particular ways that their baby likes to be soothed. This might be a particular cuddle, lullaby or just being held calmly in their parent’s arms. Babies often show a preference for sucking their fingers or thumb or attach to a comfort object such as a cloth or toy.

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