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AiMH UK Northwest Face-to-Face Hub Event

Tuesday 18th October 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Debi Maskell-Graham is a play therapist and expert in the field of Infant Mental Health. Debi has designed specialist Attachment Play courses: Baby Bonding has been successfully delivered around the world and Parent-Child Attachment Play (PCAP) is an innovative early help model that focuses on strengthening the attachment quality of the parent/carer – child relationship using child-centred, non-directive play. Debi is author of: Reflective Functioning and Play: Strengthening attachment relationships in families from pregnancy to adolescence (2016)

Debi will share emerging ideas from her research on everyday music (humming, vocal doodling, musical distraction, lullabies, singing along with music, and music listening) to ease or soothe the distress and unbearable nature of persistent infant crying. Music has shown great promise in pregnancy, labour, childbirth, and with parents with Post Natal Depression. Debi is examining through her research how everyday music, in its broadest sense, may offer positive and practical support to parents until the period of persistent crying resolves.

This will be an in-person workshop. Debi will gently confront the worries participants may have about singing and move into practical games and practice ideas which can be used to support parents when their baby cries. No musical skill or experience required!

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