AiMH UK is delighted to welcome back Alexandre Deprez for a 3-hour workshop on the modified version of the Alarm Distress Baby Scale (M-ADBB). This workshop builds on the inspiring 1-hour lunchtime skills box session held last year and caters both for those who missed the session and those seeking to extend their practice in applying the M-ADBB to case material.


The M-ADBB scale is the shortened and validated version of the Alarm Distress baby Scale (ADBB) which allows for the early detection of babies who are showing relational withdrawal behaviour.


This training, aimed at all health, mental health and childcare professionals, will enable you to quickly detect which babies might be suffering from psychological distress and either refer families for a more in-depth assessment or put in place appropriate support.

Participation in this workshop will equip you to:

  • Recognise indicators of psychological distress in infants
  • To practice assessing rapidly for emotional withdrawal in infants
  • Strengthen your advocacy for the emotional health of babies in your care

This extended, 3-hour workshop on the modified Alarm Distress Baby Scale (M-ADBB) will be an opportunity to learn the ways in which babies communicate that they are struggling in their relationship with their carer. It will help you to become more highly skilled in recognising the relational distress of infants, so that you can support parents to be more relationally responsive to their babies, signpost parents for this help or take steps to safeguard their baby where necessary.

This event takes place on World Infant, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Day 2024.

It is a day that acknowledges that infants can also experience psychological distress. The Alarm Distress Baby Scale was designed by Professor Antoine Guedeney, to assess relational withdrawal and distress in infants between 0 and 24 months. This workshop, on the modified version of the Alarm Distress Baby Scale (the M-ADBB) will provide professionals with a tool for the rapid screening of babies in psychological distress.

The M-ADBB is accessible for all practitioners regardless of their role or the time they have available for training. The workshop will be of benefit to paediatricians, health visitors, perinatal psychiatrists, psychologists, nursery nurses and occupational therapists; parent-infant psychotherapists, children’s social workers and anyone whose work, teaching or research touches on the lives of babies.

The latest report and results from the trial on the Alarm Distress Baby Scale (ADBB) has now been released.

The findings of the trial which was undertaken in two NHS Trusts, have been set out in an evaluation report published by The Institute of Health Visiting and The University of Oxford.

The study, commissioned and funded by The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, was conducted in partnership with our President, Professor Jane Barlow from the University of Oxford. Jane said the of trial,

“Babies are born with amazing social abilities. They are ready to relate and engage with the world around them, communicating how they feel through their behaviours. 

“Whereas previous approaches have focused on the parents’ perspective, this training has really helped health visitors to ‘read’ the baby during interactions and develop greater sensitivity in terms of the observation of potential attachment and bonding issues that would not have been identified without the training. 

“The feedback from those involved has been over-whelming positive. It is truly exciting to think about impact this could have on families right across the country as we enter the next phase of this research.”

This is a fantastic training opportunity for our members and non-members particularly with this recent report highlighting the importance of this observation tool. We hope you will be able to join us!

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.