The Rupture & Repair Process:

“Learning from video microanalysis of therapist-parent-infant interactions”

AIMH UK is delighted to welcome Tessa Baradon, founder of the Parent Infant Psychotherapy training at the Anna Freud Centre and a pioneer of parent-infant psychotherapy in the UK. Tessa has been undertaking research on therapist-parent-infant encounters at the Anna Freud Centre’s CHAPTRe (Child Attachment & Psychological Therapies Research).

Tessa, together with her colleagues – Evrinomy Avdi, Research Tutor, at the Anna Freud Centre; Bjorn Salomonsson, psychoanalyst, at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden and Keren Amiran, film maker and clinical researcher at the Anna Freud Centre – have been revealing the essence of therapist-patient interactions through multi-faceted microanalytic research and will present and discuss some of their fascinating findings:

  • What actually happens in a therapeutic encounter?
  • What interactions are supportive to parents?
  • How might practitioners inadvertently contribute to ruptures?
  • What happens in the process of repairing ruptures with the parents we work with?

All these questions and more will be discussed with participants during this interactive session.

This presentation and discussion will be of relevance to all professionals working with parents of infants, wishing to enhance the quality of their interactions with parents and/or their babies, including: midwives; health visitors; perinatal nursery nurses; perinatal psychologists; parent infant psychotherapists and perinatal psychiatrists.

Abstract from Tessa Baradon

‘Systematic investigation of clinical process in psychoanalytic psychotherapy raises important questions: what happens within the therapeutic encounter? What may contribute to change, stalemate, or harm? What dynamics are introduced by each participant and how do these affect the system? This presentation describes a method for investigating clinical process through the detailed study of the interactions that take place between therapist and patient/s during therapy sessions. Layered Analysis LA) combines therapist countertransference reports and multi-faceted microanalytic research approaches. Embodied and verbal transactions during brief interactional micro-events characterising ‘rupture’ and ‘repair’ are considered alongside clinician’s countertransference. A central intention is to enhance our grasp of the therapeutic encounter in ways that are relevant to clinical practice and training. Following the 1 hour presentation there will be a discussion with the audience around this question’.

CPD HOURS 2 – All attendees will be sent a certificate.

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Tessa Baradon

Consultant Parent Infant Psychotherapist & Author of The Practice of Psychoanalytic Parent-Infant Psychotherapy, Adjunct Professor University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. Tessa trained in child psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. She led the development of the model psychoanalytic parent infant psychotherapy at the Anna Freud Centre, which has been implemented in different socioeconomic and cultural settings internationally. She trains and supervises and has published widely on the topic.

Evrinomy Avdi

Is a professor in clinical psychology at the School of Psychology, Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece and research tutor at the Anna Freud Centre in London. She is a member of the North Hellenic Psychoanalytic Association and works clinically with adults, as well as infants and their parents. Her research and publications focus on the study of psychotherapy process, primarily using qualitative methods.

Björn Salomonsson

Is a member of the Swedish Psychoanalytical Association, Stockholm, working in private practice and at a Child Health Centre. Associate Professor at the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Karolinska Institute, his research and publications focus on psychoanalytical parent-infant therapies (theory, practice, and quantitative outcomes), analysis with children and adults, and the ‘weaving thoughts’ presentation method. His publications have been published in various languages.

Keren Amiran

(Born in Tel Aviv in 1975) lives and works in London. Her work primarily comprises film, sound installations, and photographs. Keren studied observational psychoanalysis at the Tavistock and utilises her experience as a video artist to analyse videos of PIP psychotherapy as a researcher at the Anna Freud.