Did you know? The AiMH UK Infant Mental Health CPD Programme has now been updated and streamlined. New centre and organisation membership packages have now been launched to map your teams IMH Skills and practice against the AiMH UK Competency Framework. Visit the IMHCPD website: https://imhcpd.aimh.uk or for more information contact info@aimh.uk

In the recent Government launch of Family Hubs, one of the five Parent-Infant Relationship priorities for Start for Life (SfL) areas is to, ‘produce a workforce training and development plan in infant-parent relationships’. This plan will ensure that all family-facing professionals are upskilled using the *AiMH UK Competency Framework.

The AIMH UK IMH Competency Framework (IMHFC) is the *only National set of IMH Standards, against which, trainee and trained practitioners can map their practice through the IMH CPD Programme, and build their own IMH CPD Portfolio.

‘Upskilling’ can be applied to all practitioners, regardless of role, level and qualification.

For more information or discussion around Membership packages, please contact: Lin Carruthers